Ablation Test-cases

Ablation Test-Case Series# 3. Version 2.0. T. van Eekelen, J. Lachaud, A. Martin,  D. Bianchi. Prepared for the 6th Ablation Workshop, April 10-11 2014, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Ablation Test-Case Series# 2. Version 2.8. J. Lachaud, A. Martin, T. van Eekelen, I. Cozmuta. Prepared for the 5th Ablation Workshop, Feb. 28-March, 2012, Lexington, Kentucky.

Ablation Test-Case Series# 1
. Version 1.1. J. Lachaud, A. Martin, I. Cozmuta, B. Laub. Prepared for the 4th AF-SNL-NASA Ablation Workshop, March 1-3, 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Properties of the Theoretical Ablative Composite for Open Testing (TACOT). J. Lachaud, T. van Eekelen, A. Martin, D. Bianchi, I. Cozmuta, B. Laub, J. de Muelenaere, J. B. Scoggins, J.-M. Bouilly, J.-M. Dupillier, B. Blackwell, M. Howard.  TACOT_v3.0.xls

Code-to-Code Comparison, and Material Response Modeling of Stardust and MSL Using PATO and FIAT. A. D. Omidy,  F. Panerai, J. Lachaud, N. N. Mansour, I. Cozmuta, A. Martin. NASA CR-2015-218960, 2015, 36 pages. NASA Technical Report Server  Open access